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Welcome Non-Profits

This year’s race is full of new and fresh changes. New location, new route, new registration, and more.
We are really excited about the 26th Annual Human Race and all of your support. Let’s make it the biggest fundraiser yet!
We hired a timer this year and we are using a NEW “It’s Your Race for registration.” This is a different process than years past. We hope it will be much simpler and allow for individuals to fundraise easily online.
Your teams should populate automatically if you participated last year. If not, you can easily create a team.
ONCE you register and checkout. You will see a popup with two links: your personal fundraiser page and your team fundraiser page! Be sure to click these links upon registration completion to claim your page! You can edit your page and add a personal note.
Once you or the participant claims your/their page, it is connected to your,their ItsYourRace (IYR) account and email address and you/they are sent the fundraising email with your/their own personal fundraising links to share with friends and family! Be the first to donate at checkout and get the ball rolling!
Already registered? Login here.

Important Action Items

We need permission from the non-profit you are raising funds for to send them a check when all this is over.
We need this form filled out by the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of that organization for us to be able to send them checks post-event!

COVID-19 Updates

During this pandemic, we are committed to helping you successfully fundraise for your non-profits. We have created some marketing tips and ways for us to share your story.
Here are the ways you can be featured:
Fill out this formSchedule a video interview that will be shared
We also have a marketing kit for you with more resources:
Marketing Kit

Haven't created a team yet? Creating a team is easier than ever.

Have your team captain register themselves first! This activates the team for everyone.
  1. Visit THIS LINK:
  3. Use the “Sign Up” option and be sure to use an accurate email address. BE SURE TO SAVE THIS LOGIN INFORMATION.
  4. Select Runner or Walker registration. If you want to be timed, be sure to select runner. The price is now $35, $40 on day of. 
  5. Fill out all required information
  6. In the event questions section, SELECT JOIN AN EXISTING TEAM from the dropdown to see if your team name is pre-populated. I
  7. Select your team if it is listed. 
  8. IF NOT: Select CREATE A NEW TEAM and type the name of your non-profit.
  9. Approve waivers and check appropriate boxes
  10. Finish and confirm registration and at completion, you will get a pop up! This has two important links. 1 for our team fundraising page, and 1 for your personal fundraising page. 
  11. Edit your personal page and add a description and select your goal. If you are the team captain, you can edit the team page as well. 
  12. SHARE!!! All the money you raise goes towards our team. Your personal fundraising page link can be shared with everyone you know, on facebook, with family and friends and all can donate right online by clicking the donate button. 


Watch this video if you have any questions. 

A FEW MORE ACTION ITEMS needed from you

We need this form filled out by the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of your organization for us to be able to send your checks to you post-event!




If you are not already a member, you have until June 1st to become a member and get the full fundraising benefits and to retain the most possible of your fundraised dollars. 



Want to invite members to join your team?

Want to invite members to join your team? We created a letter just for you that you can make a copy of, edit and send to your supporters: HERE

**We created an info packet with video trainings for non-profits! EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW is in this deck! Click below to download!
Download Information Packet

Additional Information


You don’t have to be a member of the Volunteer Center to participate in the Human Race, but it’s a great time to join and take full advantage of this fundraising opportunity at a discounted rate as well other awesome perks like posting volunteer needs and campaign information to our social channels and in our newsletter (9,000+ people) and more. For more information on perks per level and to apply, visit us HERE.


All donations go through The Volunteer Center and are distributed after the event. The Volunteer Center also recruits company or community teams- these are companies or other groups that would like to fundraise for another nonprofit. Examples include Bank of America or MOPS groups. These teams choose a nonprofit to benefit- some choose one for the whole group or others let each individual team member choose.
The Volunteer Center retains a fee to help cover the costs of producing the event: a percentage of the total amount raised for each nonprofit. This fee is designed to be less than the cost of each nonprofit producing their own event. See the FEES section for more.
Everyone comes together on race day: April 18th, 2020. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people walk, run, or roll the 5k course, then gather in the park for an After Party with free food, music, and fun for the whole family!


The Volunteer Center Secures, Manages, and/or Coordinates:

  • Venue
  • Permits
  • Cash Sponsors
  • Prizes
  • Awards
  • Emcees + Music
  • 250 Volunteers
  • Cones and Barricades
  • Moving Services
  • Transportation
  • Corporate or Community Walking
  • Teams
  • Food for After Party
  • Water for walkers and runners
  • Race Timer
  • Posters and Brochures
  • News Coverage
  • Online Fundraising Website
  • Porta Johns
  • EMS Bike Team
  • Police Officers
  • T Shirts


Each Nonprofit Coordinator Secures, Manages, and/or Coordinates:

  • Create a goal
    • Start with a dollar goal in mind, and figure out how to get there.
    • Start with a participant goal in mind, and estimate how much each will raise.
  • Register and edit your team pages
  • Recruit Fundraisers/Walkers/Runners
  • Market your fundraising links
  • Bring your team members together
  • Create a spirit “costume” or way to represent your mission on race day


Step By Step Instructions:
1. Go to
2. Click “Register” in the top menu bar and scroll down to the red REGISTER button.
3. This directs you to our new fundraising and registration platform.   
4. ALLOW POPUPS FOR THIS SITE. You can do this in settings or preferences depending on which browser you are using. Very important.
5. Click the Green Registration button on the right. 
6. Select the registration type that applies to you (and your family or friends if you want to register them under your account). Walkers still get to participate for free and WILL NOT BE TIMED, but we do encourage a donation at registration to put a “tip in the tip jar.
7. Choose the SIGN UP section to enter your information. DO NOT check out as a guest. The Sign up option will generate a login for you which will allow you to access and edit your personal fundraising page.
8. If you are the FIRST registrant for your non-profit, you will be the “captain” and will be the only person to edit the TEAM FUNDRAISING PAGE.
9. You can come back and login anytime to manage your pages.
10. Enter your personal information, email address, emergency contact information.
11. In the Event Questions section, use the dropdown and select “join an existing team.” Scroll the pre-populated teams and select yours.
12. If your team is NOT listed, go above and select, “Create a new team” and add the name of your non-profit. 
13. Read and agree to our safety waivers and answer permission questions for our photo release, as well as letting us know if you are bringing a pet.
14. Add a donation amount if you wish (minimum of $10)!
15. Enter your payment information and check the waiver box.
17. Confirm registration.
18. A pop-up will appear to share the event with your social networks.
19. IMPORTANT!!! A pop-up will appear with two links. Copy and save both of them.
20. Edit Your pages. One is your personal fundraising page. You can login to your account and edit at any time. We encourage you to include your personal story, mission, or connection to why you are running or walking for this organization.
If you are the first team member to register for your non-profit, you will be the only one able to edit the TEAM fundraising page. We recommend you include links to your site, photos, your mission, and even more about your fundraising goal and what you're raising money for. IF YOU ARE HAVING AN ISSUE EDITING YOUR PAGE, SEND ME ([email protected]) THE DESCRIPTION YOU WOULD LIKE AND THE FINANCIAL GOAL YOU WOULD LIKE TO HIT, AND I CAN SUBMIT IT ON YOUR BEHALF.
21. SEND a copy of your 501C3 letter and logo to [email protected] before March 1st.– you will not be able to fundraise without it.
22. SHARE your fundraising link with all friends, family, network, volunteers, board members, donors, cheerleaders, and more. People near and far can donate.
23. Advertise your links for runners, staff, supporters, and more. See MARKETING tips for more.  


Online Fundraising is easier than ever and works directly with run registration! Your fundraising page is your team page and allows you to state a goal, your mission and more. Every participant gets their own fundraising page and can set their own goal to contribute to your team. The first registrant for your team creates the team fundraising page. See above section #5 for more.
This new fundraising and registration platform makes it incredibly easy for anyone to donate to your page, whether they are participating or not. Companies can create teams and name you as their beneficiary cause. Processing fees are passed onto the donor so you are able to get the most out of the donations.
This platform accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
You can share your links on social and beyond.
You can customize your fundraising page with photos and any text you’d like, including links to capital campaign information or your website.
When you share your fundraising link, the donate button makes it easy for anyone to donate directly to your campaign which automatically gets counted in your own “thermometer gauge.”
We encourage online fundraising first, but we know you will be collecting cash and checks as well. We will have designated days to drop those donations off with the correct forms and instructions. Stay tuned. Please note the nonprofits name in the memo line, and make checks payable to The Human Race.


Members and non-members of The Volunteer Center have different fee structures.
*Membership to The Volunteer Center ranges from $50-$250 annually, and includes lots of great benefits! See membership section 2 of this document for more.
Visit and click on “For Nonprofits” to learn about becoming a member.
Members retain 75% to 85% of donations raised, on a graduating scale:
retains 75% of funds raised up to $2,000
retains 80% of funds raised between $2,001-$10,000
retains 85% of funds raised over $10,001
Non-members retain 70% of total funds raised
Online Fundraising fees are calculated separately, and only on dollars
raised online. Credit Card Processing fees can be passed on to the donor.


We created a media kit just for you! It has logos, posters, artwork, and social media post artworks for your use!
Download Media Kit

  • Use the digital platforms you are already using to spread the word: social media, email marketing, and more.
  • Hang posters in your place of business.
  • Send letters inviting your staff to participate.
  • Come up with giveaways or contents for people to share your team page and fundraising efforts.
  • Host a kick off for your fundraisers- get them excited to participate, distribute materials and talk about the goal and why it’s important.
  • Call us for a “pep rally”
  • Create contest for your fundraisers, like “most donations turned in this week” or “most individual donors” or “top fundraiser overall”. Prizes can be a certificate, bragging rights, or a small gift card.
  • Update your fundraisers of the team’s progress on a regular basis
  • Communicate race day plans to your team members, and enjoy the Human Race!
  • Generate company involvement.
  • Get team involvement and input on how to represent your organization at race day! Spirit awards will be given! Get creative!
  • EMAIL MARKETING is a great way to communicate with those who care about your mission. Grow your list and tell them about the race.
  • Call on ambassadors to help spread the word and grow registration.
  • Consider sponsoring for extra exposure.
  • Paint the town!!! Upon approval by us, you can use our poster design or logo to pass out posters and flyers with your fundraising campaigns.
  • Write and distribute a press release. Encourage media to come cover your involvement, your story, and opportunities to donate, including the Human Race.
  • Share our facebook event.
  • Create a hashtag.
  • Send personal emails to supporters and invite them to help spread the word and donate.
  • Ideas are my sweet spot. If you want to chat and come up with some fun ideas together, let me know! [email protected]

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