Toyota North Carolina

October 3, 2023

Toyota North Carolina recognized the importance of giving back to the community while fostering team cohesion. By participating in The Volunteer Center’s Corporate Caring program, Toyota aimed to make a positive difference in the lives of young learners while strengthening their own team dynamics.

The Corporate Caring program connects local businesses with meaningful service projects that align with their interests and goals. Toyota’s focus on STEM education perfectly aligned with the program’s objectives, allowing them to support Liberty Elementary School in Liberty, NC, where the new manufacturing plant is currently being built.

Toyota’s team engaged in two impactful service projects to support Liberty Elementary. They assembled 300 Bristle Bot STEM kits, a fun way to learn about basic engineering, motor, circuits, and principals of balances. Additionally, Toyota employees prepared 300 snack packs, ensuring children had access to nutritious food.

The collaboration between Toyota North Carolina and Liberty Elementary through The Volunteer Center’s program made a tangible and meaningful impact. By supporting Liberty Elementary’s STEM programs, Toyota contributed to the academic and personal growth of young learners while fostering a love for STEM education. Their efforts created a brighter future for the children attending Liberty Elementary.

The partnership between Toyota North Carolina and The Volunteer Center of the Triad’s Corporate Caring program showcases the power of collaboration in empowering youth through STEM education. Through its support of Liberty Elementary, Toyota demonstrated its commitment to equipping young learners with the necessary skills and support to thrive academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. This inspiring collaboration serves as a testament to the transformative impact that businesses and nonprofit organizations can achieve when working together towards educational empowerment.

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